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Do you have a Resource Pack, Mod, Build that needs a video?

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created 11/28/2013 10:19 pm by aboveordinary
last reply 12/01/2013 5:01 pm
Hi guys, aboveordinary here to set up a little video shop for you guys. If you have or know someone that has a resource pack, mod, build, map, etc. that you would like a video for, I would love to make one. This is done simply because I would love to provide some help to the community! The video will more than likely be done in a review format where I briefly touch on the key points of your project. I will provide my honest opinion and possibly provide some ideas. The video will be yours to take and implement into your thread so people can quickly see what is going on.

If you like the video/channel feel free to support it (not required by any means).

I do withhold the right to deny any request if the project is not up to par. I will tell you how you can fix this in a comment on your thread.

Here is my channel for reference

Keep in mind the video won't go up in minutes. Give me time to make, edit, render, and upload the video
Here is the Application for you to fill out

Click to reveal
Name of the Project:
Name of the worker/team:
Link to the project:
Points I should highlight:
Length you would prefer(not needed):
A way for me to contact you:
Will you feature the video on your thread?:
Link to a thumbnail(if you want a specific thumbnail):
(If mod) is it multiplayer compatible?:
(if mod) does it run on Forge?:
(if resource pack) does it allow connected textures and random mobs?:
(if resource pack) does it offer mod support? if so, which mods?:
Any extra details:
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12/01/2013 5:01 pm
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nobody wants a video?
11/29/2013 6:22 am
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