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by yyyyer2 » 11/22/2014

So please post your most random quotes!
This is just for fun : D

Mine was saying "I have read this book!" when the radio in my car said about Five Shades of Gray (although I've never read it) to my parents when I was younger....
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by NonExistingName » 11/22/2014

"The most cruel torture you can submit any human to, is lonesome." -Me, 2014
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by crazyslimdude6 » 11/22/2014

"To my funeral! -Stev124, ????-2014

((I'm lovin it)
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by GlissandoGirl » 11/22/2014

"Man, I want to be a frog!" ~ Kid in my class (after a frog dissection, oddly enough).
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by clank100 » 11/22/2014

"hmm" -clank 24/7
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by benjimaestro » 11/22/2014

"Just because some guy posted some words in quotes and a famous name after it doesn't mean they actually said it"
- Abraham Lincoln, 2014
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by funny bunny » 11/22/2014

Don't believe everything you read on the internet
-Abraham Lincoln, December 2011
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by Yaminia » 11/22/2014

“I could think of no better place to secretly murder someone than inside a fridge."
-Yahtzee Croshaw, Jam
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by Mortifer » 11/22/2014

"For he who does not know love, does not know Shrek, for Shrek is love."
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by nammerbom » 11/22/2014

"I used to drugs. I still do, but I used to"
-Plato, probably
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by Cookiesz » 11/22/2014

NonExistingName wrote:"The most cruel torture you can submit any human to, is lonesome." -Me, 2014

Cutting off arms is probably cruel too
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by TimeLordAaron » 11/22/2014

"Everyone is weird in their own way, but that's what makes everybody fascinating." -TimeLordAaron
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