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by The Divine » 9/9/2012

IP: play-igtcraft.zapto.org
We need donators to help us live:)
If u donate u get gamemode.nickname, u can kick and more :)

It has a lots of plugins:) some of them are:
*Hunger Games
*Drop Party's
**Survival and Creatice World**
Nice Spawn and friendly memberz:)Join u will not regret it

This Server Is Great And It Currently Is Being Made Better
At Times We Often Max Out In Our Number Of Slots And With Donations Can Add More RAM For Less Lag And Better GamePlay

If You Can Impress Me With Redstone Creations I Will Reward You With Valued Items And If You Are Able To Blow My Mind There May Be Some Greater Rewards

Currently Being Made Are Slot Machines
Capture The Flag Mini Game
And Much More, Join Our Server To See What We Could Do Together

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by EasyMinecraftin » 10/8/2012

This server is really Good.I recommend going on it :)
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