BangCraft TEKKIT a friendly server - No PvP, No Griefing

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by Bnagers » 10/22/2012

A brand new Tekkit server! Welcome to BangCraft.

PvP is disabled, it's a friendly survival place.

Plugins include Towny for protection of your work, LWC to lock your chests and doors, plus a few other assorted plugins to make things work better behind the scenes.

There are no rankings on the server but once you are trusted you will be able to pick a title for yourself.

There is a short list of banned items, only griefing related. EE is enabled but there is a limit of one 'Power Flower' per person.

The IP address is

Have fun and be friendly! And please visit the website for more info and to join the community:
BangCraft Tekkit -
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by NickE37 » 10/26/2012

bnagers its maxvds here i got randomly banned im not sure if u were going to ban maxvds2 but can u plz unban maxvds

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