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by Jas » 4/1/2017

Never thought I'd make it this far <3
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by Chron » 4/1/2017

Pshhh, those aren't even demotions unless they're becoming forum mods
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by Ludicrous » 4/1/2017

Chron wrote:Pshhh, those aren't even demotions unless they're becoming forum mods

This. The man makes a good point here zer.
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by Lola » 4/1/2017

am so proud of you jaspy :')
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by Cid_of_Lufenia » 4/1/2017

Vincent _1987 wrote:
Cid_of_Lufenia wrote:Um I guess I would not be a bad moderator I mean I am at least mostly responsible and I do occasionally help other users so I would probably be a okay choice if you want to.

Not trying to self promote just saying I am not a terrible person if you really want more maybe if nineteen other candidates are not available I would be a relatively good 20th choice,

you DO know it's April fools, right?

Yeah.....I was just playing along

Totally didn't fall for didn't I don't know what gave anyone that idea *sniffle*
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by Havingfun_ISKEY » 4/1/2017

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by OtakuMC » 4/1/2017

Alteast you run something.
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