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by awesomedude71 » 7/5/2011

Hello all i run a server call kraftworld71 if you havent found anywheres to go your always welcome here! very fun and clean server! anything is possible!

City is setup with shops that are 24/7 just like the server! buy and sell almost anything!
Economy and pricing is setup so no fluctuation and economy crashing! very stable!
LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of anti grief tools ill let em in but then after finding out they are bad theyll be out or locked away and humiliated! also i used to be VERYCOMPSAVY i may say so i have all means of protecting my server!!!

heres the info!
It is hamachi server for protection and networking purposes!
you are guaranteed entry if any error occurs try back in 5mins if still getting errors email for a prompt reply!

network id: medevil71
password: 123
server ip: in channel MeanMachine IP

ps if you want to own a shop ill allow u every tool needed to run it... thats part of roleplay!
i will allow u to price items however u want but make sure ur familiar with already set prices so u dont get ripped off! also making shops very far from establish capitol town will allow you business and profit! Also people getting together and creating new cities is encouraged by the owner! if u need anything zoned for protection i will do so allowing u to claim land to design and build on! Come have fun! website and support docs will be available soon until then email me at above email or in game at hamachi Kraftworld71 or in minecraft as awesomedude71
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by PUGAxJ » 7/6/2011

I only join Premium servers so please, i you have a hamachi server, thats cool and all, but not for my needs, Econ, i am only interested in your server, i will join when you give me a go, i will be waiting, for now i have joined a different server, just to past time, so when you are ready, post "Ready" or something

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by awesomedude71 » 7/10/2011

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by Rebel24 » 7/10/2011

If you feel like joining us you will be more than welcomed!

Join us at JR Craft! One of the most popular servers on Planet Minecraft for over two years!
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