1.5.2 seed- spawn next to a village!

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by Chips » 5/10/2013

In this seed you spawn next to a village.

3 small houses
1 Library
1 church
1 Blacksmith Shop
2 Cropfields

Also has a nice plains area and its surrounding biomes are forest and swamp

SEED: 5504436305081970315

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :mrgreen:
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by hellominecraft00 » 6/22/2013

:D love it
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by wappylol123 » 7/29/2013

Also, if you have Thaumcraft you get a greatwood tree in the forest! :D

Only open this if you have thaumcraft.
The tree is huge like all greatwoods, and there is a cave with TONS of infused stone! (just dont get lost)
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by TheOneAndOnlySarah » 2/5/2014

Ya know that if you go to the little lake by the village you will find a hole in the water and if you go down (watch out for the lava) as far as you can go you will stumble down a ravine! And the first thing you see is a mineshaft! :D just a spoiler :)
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by Azie » 2/5/2014

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