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by Captain Juicy » 5/19/2013

Captain Juicy here,
I would just like to make this post very simple, yet informative.
Every year, over the summer, I host a server!
I am looking for people to help out around the server..

The feel for the server is going to be like a DayZ server, but it wont be. The server world will take place in a city of some sort, a pretty big map too. I was thinking like different settlements, each with its own style.
Anyways, gameplay. Here is how it will work! You will start off in a protected spawn, there will be a few shops located there at the initial spawn, then you are able to choose where you would like to start off, a warp system. You then can go walk around and defend against zombies, as well as hostile players. Scattered around the map are NPC's each with their own quests. There you can do quests for money and items, etc.. There will also be shops that are important as you can purchase items that you can't find.

The server will be highly economized, as everything can be done with money.

Anyone interested?
Please reply below!
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by t5oin123 » 5/19/2013

my ingame is ashtodd69 and i am looking to be a mod on a server and to help build a little i play 2 hours everyday and am good with people
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