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by xkrpytonitex » 8/18/2011

Hi, I'm Ryan, and I've been looking for a server that needs a Mod/Admin, or anything. I have great experience with servers, (I ran 7 servers) and I also am very good with plugins, and configuring them. I have a lot of experience with computers, and I even write iOS apps. If you're interested in having me, reply! Thanks so much!

Skype: ryanncohen
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by jeebo123 » 8/18/2011

you can join my server
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by burst the real one » 10/18/2011

im looking for a sever that needs adims/mods im on at lest 16 hours if you so let me be mod/adim im good at finding hackers/x ray and ban the grifers :evil: :lol:
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by FearGrump » 10/18/2011

wow. ur a genius. You ran 7 servers. what happened to all of them? you killed them all? lol
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