Skyblock Achievements

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by HollandGamesHD » 4/15/2012

Skyblock Achievements

Hello everyone, I recently played skyblock a few times. I really enjoyed playing it, but I didn't see that much achievements. So that is where this topic is going to be about. The only thing that you have to do is comment the achievement that you wan't for skyblock. If your achievement makes sense I will put it in the list of achievements on this topic. If your achievement is in the topic you will also be in the list; People who helped. I already put some achievements in the list but I need way more, if I reach 100 I will make a youtube video about it.


- Make a cobblestone generator
- Plant 10 saplings
- Collect 200 log
- Make a melon farm with 25 melon plants
- Make a pumpkin farm with 25 pumpkin plants
- Make a wheat farm with 25 wheat plants
- Make a 20 by 20 island out of cobblestone
- Make 2 mob spawners
- Collect 15 enderpearls
- Collect 15 wool

People who helped:

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by stealthmaster » 8/25/2012

-Make an infinite water source
-Go to the Nether
-Make TNT
-Make a cake
-Make your own village
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by Wogger_Wogger » 8/25/2012

-find to border and find diamonds
-go to the nether and fined a nether base
-make a buring stand
-make a poison that nearly kills you

if you have a skyblock server i would live to play with you :D :shock: :D :) ;)
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by tking20 » 10/24/2012

you cant do all of that on the server i go on :(
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