Tekkit server 1.2.5 [3.0.3] OILCRAFT

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by aparicio101 » 7/18/2012

Join my server now, just opened up again, THIS ONE IS PERM!
Help up by getting on the server and making a nice city!
we try to be the most survival server! please dont be so
mean to other people, Griefing is NOT allowed!

How to get tekkit!
1- Go and install technic launcher! just search technic launcher on google!
2- open up technic launcher
3- in the top left corner you will see a box, click it.
4- it will show you a list of awsome mod packs, click on tekkit [the one with 2 creepers]
5- close the list and click options
6- in options press Manual build selection
7- in the top left corner it will show you a group of versions, choose 1.2.5 [3.0.3]
8- [Optional but recommended] once you chose the version, press memory and choose 16GB
9- Press Close options and press log in
10- It will tell you Update tekkit? press yes.
11- add my server to multiplayer list :D
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by Hks1218 » 10/25/2012

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