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by daaparty » 1/26/2013

There's a STRONG HOLD right at spawn. A MINESHAFT right at spawn. Exposed DIAMONDS, right at spawn. And almost 5 RAVINES intersecting, right at spawn.

Check out my video for it here! It's amazing, must see!
I make Minecraft videos! If you have to time please check it out, any comments/feedback is really appreciated!

Thanks so much for checking out my channel, or even just reading this! It means a lot!
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by Tuggers03 » 3/13/2013

Whats The Seed?
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by Motown » 3/18/2013

yeah what is it

why would you post a seed if you don't tell people the seed?

:x :!:
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by Candycorn lover » 3/28/2013

Tuggers03 wrote:Whats The Seed?

Guys, the seed is -9057352651117540831. He posted it on his youtube video, you simply had to click the video's name and it would take you to the original video which has the seed. lol happy to help btw.
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