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by sbrown112 » 5/1/2012

So i downloaded the bukkitgames plugin and it says i can use a custom map. Also look at #1 that is the problem... what does rename directory to map mean..? plz help.. if you dont know then please do soemthing to find out what it means.. Thats what the website said (below).

Plugin Setup


Setup with the batch files
•Download the BukkitGames "*.zip"-file
•Extract the "*.zip"-file and copy everything into the following folder: "ServerMainFolder"
•You have two options to choose from:

1. Run the server with a custom map:

•Copy your custom world into the "ServerMainFolder" and rename the directory to "map"
•Start your server with the "start_copy.bat"

2. Run the server with a new generated map every time:

•Start your server with the "start_generation.bat"

ServerMainFolder means the folder where you usually got the "start.bat", the "white-list.txt", the "craftbukkit.jar" etc. in it...
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