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by wren7 » 8/19/2012

Mount and Bayonet The Great War

Welcome to the trenches lads. Our server strives to provide an experience of realism and historical awareness of the horrors of the Great War. Enlist in a regiment and fight along side your comrades in fierce battles. Everyone wheres historically accurate skins reflecting the uniforms of their own regiments as they were during the war. Beware of TNT cannon artillery raining down on your trench during massive shellings. Don't trip in the cobweb barbed wire in No Man's Land when your ordered over the top. Attend basic training your first week in a regiment and get promoted in the realistic ranking systems of each regiment as you show your valor in battle.

We provide 5 factions to join:

Austria Hungary


Great Britain



Each has their own unique regiments commanded by skilled tacticians and accurate reenactors.

Currently active regiments:

1st Prussian Foot Guard

Princess Marry's Royal Scots

13th Infantre Regimento

57th Infantry Regiment

Royal Field Artillery

German East African Corps

To enlist, just leave your Minecraft ign and what regiment you are interested in joining and the officers will regularly check this thread for new recruits and contact you through pm. A program called Team Speak 3 is necessary to participate: http://teamspeak.com...age=downloads �� it is necessary so that officers may give verbal orders to their men. Having a mic is not a necessity.

The server's ip is:

Battle events are Fridays at 4:00 pm EST and Saturday 4:00 pm EST.

Players choose to use this texture pack to simulate era accurate weaponry: http://www.mediafire...yuj864s629w6pb4

We hope to see many of you in the trenches with us soon

Other links:



REGISTER HERE: http://www.aorevolution.com/mcapp
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