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by alexbeast12 » 10/24/2012

Hey guys, Alex here with another forum post! Lets just skip the intro and get to the meat of this post!

Post what you wants in Minecraft in the comments! Remember, as usual, no flaming or putting down others ideas. They are only ideas! One last thing: be specific! Don't just say you want more blocks. Tell us what blocks you want!

EDIT: More than three years and this is still being posted on.. awesome! Keep up the awesome ideas guys.
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by Stillgalaxy » 10/24/2012

furniture, better graphics, less laggy game
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by adzmanion » 10/24/2012

SOO much stuff:

slightly better graphics,
Built in NO lag screen recorder with mic capability
more random structures like you said
Nice furniture
more plants
more redstone stuff
super sprint while flying
more food,
cooking pot, like a furnace but for cooking
NPC's who follow you so you can make an army

and much more
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by CycloneChilli » 10/24/2012

I want mobs to work together. I want creepers to blow a hole in a castle's wall, then have thousands of spider jockeys come in. Then they can kill the player, and take over the castle. That unused giant mob could be the king, the ender dragon the queen and endermen to guard the castle. Actually, I think I'll keep my castle thanks
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by CoolShark101 » 10/24/2012

I want a save-able death cam, like in TF2.
- Monsieur Shark
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by Assult_Man » 10/24/2012

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by ateselle » 10/24/2012

Stillgalaxy wrote:furniture, better graphics, less laggy game

i totaly agree
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by extremesonic » 10/24/2012

alexbeast12 wrote:Hey guys, Alex here with another forum post! Lets just skip the intro and get to the meat of this post!

I want modding API in 1.5, along with a new mob. Also, I'd really like to see more random structures. These are my ideas for 1.5. Post what you wants in 1.5 in the comments! Remember, as usual, no flaming or putting down others ideas. They are only ideas!

more mobs
less lag
new blocks
new items
more weopans
more redstone stuff
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by Duecre » 10/24/2012

New dimension. Plus built in recorder with voice support. And the dimension needs to be better than the Nether. Something like the Aether mod. PUT IT IN THE GAME JEB!
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by adrianstameski » 10/24/2012

Dwarves that inhabit underground caves. They can be shorter than Steve, passive, and drop iron pickaxes. They'll probably need structures- just houses dug into stone with a door and a window. And they should have statues or monuments built above the ground where a dwarf cave is. Also they should trade for things they can't get down there, like wood.
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by PurpleSquid » 10/24/2012

I want the old textures back....Minecraft used to be so beautiful.
And i want less lag this is freaking ridiculos.
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by mrcoolfazey » 10/24/2012

I want more water animals sharks actually see fish more kinds of fish more kinds of rare items like rare black stuff and if you stand on it it will kill you instantly and you have to have a Diamondpickaxe unbreaking 3 in order 2 break one and then your pick will break then you get 2 more and you make the best pickaxe evar buhahaaha
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