whats the MOST useless thing ever in minecraft?

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by marek229 » 10/4/2013

Why does nearly everybody vote bats? Bats are super useful when you look for cave or underground stuff. Thanks to bats i found a stronghold without using eyes of ender.

To me, the most useless thing in Minecraft is dead bush. It even sucks as a decoration. You can at least use sponge for buildings.



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by Gbubble » 10/4/2013

Pandy10 wrote:Raw flesh

raw flesh can be helpful as food sometimes. i would say dirt, the only thing dirt is good for is building and u never really build with it, an gold tools are worthless!
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by eminemfan33 » 10/4/2013

Gravel isn't useless. It's great for medieval pathways when blended with other blocks.
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by Crazy_Dodger » 10/4/2013

i guess it is bedrock if you playing survival. its really hard to destroy
but, still, dead bush also useless
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by Kickbuttkaleb12 » 10/4/2013

How is dirt useless?! You use it to patch holes in the ground, without dirt you'd fall all the time. (xD)

CLEARLY Gold tools and weapons, You can hardly get someone to half a heart without thing breaking!
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by CreepyAndCo » 10/4/2013

sponge, bats, sometimes cats, wither skeletons with no wither skeleton spawners, gold, (it's like wood but you can make armor out of it.) and the weapon drops from zombies and skeletons. they're all almost broken. silver fish, and making animals "mate". (feed a pig or cow or dog or something, feed another one, and they plant there faces together to make a huge-headed baby animal. why cant the humans do that?!?!?!) :|



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by Casper_Creator » 10/4/2013

Golden hoe XD
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by eliminer01 » 10/4/2013

Casper_Creator wrote:Golden hoe XD

Agreed, but diamond hoe is even more useless. Who wastes 2 FREAKING DIAMONDS on a HOE. I farm a lot, and I still use a stone hoe. Doesn't break (although the durability is quite low now. Gonna replace it with a wooden hoe :P ).
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by CJ the magical DJ » 10/4/2013

Giant mushrooms
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by phoenix1515 » 10/7/2013

christjo15 wrote:Giant mushrooms

Giant Mushrooms are very usefull, they drop 2-24 mushrooms, so its a really fast way to farm Mushrooms, unlike the dark rooms
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by Azazaa » 10/7/2013

Dyes? Isn't their only purpose to decorate stuff? I think that is kind of useless
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by poplawler » 10/7/2013

PandaMC wrote:Bats

Bro bats are good target practice not useless, now bedrock is useless - unless you have gamemode.
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