when is a 1.4.2 bukkit software coming out

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by jackstar3 » 10/27/2012

i was just wondering if some one could message me when the 1.4.2 bukkit server software is out and whan it is out message me it and ill let you be op in my server im going to create it has hunger games plots and more :]
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by alexbeast12 » 10/27/2012

Nobody but the Bukkit team even has an ETA yet. Keep checking the Bukkit website everyday to see if it has updated to 1.4.2.
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by Donkey_Destroyer » 10/27/2012

Sorry but no one knows when it will be realeased
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by wen372 » 10/27/2012

Give it around a week or two, thats when bukkit 1.3.1 came out. Even when 1.4.2 bukkit comes out it would most likely be an unstable build. Go to http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/ to see when there is a unstable update.
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