why cant i join any tekkit servers?

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by Slayer_49 » 8/24/2012

I downloaded the technical launcher a week ago and began playing tekkit and Technic recently tried to go to a tekkit server the ip(s) i used are: play.tekkitfy.com & one is a friends server the other a well known server. i have tried getting both and it wont let me the error says: Failed to connect to the server Connection Timed out: Connect.Why cant I cannot to any tekkit server?

Some one help please.
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by wemyss10 » 8/25/2012

It is usually the internet or it can be because of the host the person whose running the server. Otherwise check firewall and check your tekkit launcher options version.
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by abcefghz » 8/28/2012

the server could be down
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