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by BawbTehOldDude » 7/10/2011

Is it possible to have a server with the yogbox mod compilation? If so, would someone please do it? I love the yogscast, and the yogbox is a masterpiece of wonderful mods put together. Please reply with your answers!
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by SoulStealer » 7/11/2011

If they put it up for download , it's probably up for download.
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by XCRAFTERS » 8/13/2011

yes, but it is very complicated i can't explain it :( try to google it
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by scorshua3 » 9/6/2011

:!: i dont get it :!: but i really want to play on a server thats uses the yogbox
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by sim2kid » 3/31/2012

Thay haven't made a Yogbox server. But thay are working on it. Well that was a old vido on Youtube when i herd it. So maby the Yogbox server has ben made. Google it. :)
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