Anyone willing to assist me with my mods
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    This group is about building the crusader mod and I am a terrible programmer, even MCreator fights me half the time, but I make amazing models for new mobs, each role will reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, but we will work together to make this one mod, but first I, Eternal Champion, must give you a quick three question exam.
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    steps to join are as follows

    1: post in the guest book either eternal champion's or this groups.

    2: take the three question exam just answer the questions in my reply)

    3: accept your role and ensure whoever the head of your division about your contribution
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    When will this mod be released?
    I never ever plan exact dates on when something should be done by, just too many factors that can screw something over.
    A description of this mod
    Essentially this mod's main goal is to be one of the largest fabric mods that expand on all of my previous mods.
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