New Party
We're cool; Kaos is hot.


We're just a bunch of lads who hang out a little too often!

Welcome to DragonPop! hi. We're a group of fun friends! ¡Subscirbe! I'm Kaos_Kitten! ren. I'm Cael! I am Gelos I'm the resident E-Girl who suggested making a group. the smol one. Gacha addict Resident Poggers.

I listen to some mildly sus music. plants are cool. Remember to love. *Beep Boop*

Vibe queen with some creative ideas. hix2. Loves the sea and the stars. ... I am the legal owner of only two braincells. i have no braincell. I lost my braincell. Very active on PMC.

The dragon is called Lenston. Give him headpats.

Planet Minecraft


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