Why was the mushroom invited to every party?
Want an event for something? Ask us. We are the MASTERS *flexes power*
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    My idea was to have a group that hosts/organises events for others if they need it.

    And here we are!
    We are a passionate little group that intends on making even the smallest celebrations and events amazing.
    Rules below ⬇️

    1. Don’t bully other members! You should never even have to think about bullying a member. If you do bully any member, even if they aren’t part of our group, I will find you and report you to moderators or admins.

    2. Don’t be idle all the time! What’s the point in you being part of our group if you aren’t doing anything? 10 minutes a week is fine.

    3. Make appropriate content! I don’t want to have to remove anyone for not making family-friendly content. Nothing inappropriate ever should be allowed.

    4. Publish relevant content! If it doesn’t seem in the right place, I’ll ask for a reason why it’s there. Don’t worry, I’m not going to shout it out across PMC.

    5. Have fun! Enjoy being part of the group. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, you can ask me or another admin to remove you.
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  • FAQs


    What content can I make?
    You can make content that has to do with parties. For example, a party emoji skin, a poker-party cheater mob skin, a mod that adds in birthdays, etc. If it doesn’t have anything to do with parties, I will ask why you have posted it here. Read the rules for more info.
    Am I allowed to advertise?
    As long as it’s family friendly, yes. You can ask whether you’re allowed, just ask me or another admin wherever.
    What content am I not allowed to make?
    If you need inspiration for a certain skin/map/texture pack/etc, do not do the following…

    • Don’t make inappropriate (not family-friendly) content! I will report immediately and ask why you made it.
    • Don’t make something that has no relation to the group! Make it as another group or just yourself.
    • Don’t collaborate or edit a skin by someone else without giving additional credit to them! I’m sure the person you didn’t give credit to wouldn’t be happy.
    • Don’t spam your creations! I like to see hard work and effort in skins. No noise or scribble spams please.
    • Last (but not least) don’t make content that you don’t like. If you don’t like it, please, please take it off.
    That’s all, do not do any of the above!


    What are the roles?
    There are 10 roles. They are:
    Mushroom Fungi,
    Present Wrapper,
    Food Server,
    Party Planner,
    Invitation Writer,
    Event Fairy,
    Event Imp
    And Confetti Thrower.

    Are there any variations in what roles can do?
    No, even if you get assigned a role such as ‘Fungi’ or ‘Event Fairy’, there is nothing different about any of the roles. Unless I select you for admin, but I don’t need a hat the current moment.
    What if I don’t like the role I have?
    If you don’t like your role, please speak to me (LittleDino2022) or another admin and we will change your role. Please tell us which role you’d prefer and then a new invite will be sent.

    Joining and Leaving the group

    How can I join the group? And, can my friends join?
    If you want to join the group, ask in the guest book and follow us. I will probably say yes to your request but if you have a bad history on Planet Minecraft, I’ll consider a ‘No’.
    Also, please put the role you wish to have in the request too. If you want a random one, say ‘RNDM’ or RANDOM’.

    If you and your friends want to join, I have nothing against you asking for your friend to join, but make sure they actually want to join.
    Can I leave the group?
    Of course, I have nothing against you asking to leave. Whether you don’t like the members in the group, or you have too many groups to handle, don’t hesitate to ask to leave.
    If I leave, can I join again?
    Yes, as long as you follow the steps in the first FAQ labelled ‘How can I join the group?’, unless I have taken you off and/or reported you.
  • Party Jokes

    1. Why was the mushroom invited to every party?
    Because he was a fungi.

    2. How does NASA organize a party?
    They plan-et.

    3. Why did the skeleton not go to the ball?
    He had no body to go with.

    4. What’s a cow’s favourite party game?
    Moo-sisal chairs.

    5. What did the maths teacher write on his party invitation?
    Be there or b2.

    6. Why was the peanut butter upset at his retirement party?
    He was roasted.

    7. What did the panther say at the poker party?
    I’d be lion if I said I was cheetah.

    8. What did the tree wear to the party?
    Swimming trunks.

    9. A bull is at his friend’s house for a sleepover party. Sadly, all of the beds are taken. Where does the bull sleep?
    On the cowch.

    10. What do you call a wild party in a bamboo forest?

    A panda-monium.
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