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Portal Quest is an original unofficial Minecraft film series taking place in a fantasy/medieval world.


Can I partner or become a sponsor with the Portal Quest Project?
No. We currently do not do Discord server partnerships nor external sponsorships under any circumstances.
Can I join the project?
This can't be decided by a simple yes or no answer. Each application form is individually reviewed and accepted or denied by a case to case bias. However if you wish to apply, head over to #forms in our Discord server !
What is Portal Quest?
Portal Quest is an original unofficial Minecraft film series taking place in a fantasy/medieval world. There are 3 films with each expected to be approximately 90 minutes long and will be released on YouTube.
What is Portal Quest about?
Here is the prologue!

Over 200 years ago, there were rumors of strange metal monsters sighted near the Qeorvik Range. People believed a third dimension lay there but whatever it was, no one could successfully track down the location. Only the one who held possession towards the 8 relics would know the portal’s true coordinates. Unfortunately for the adventurers, the endermen had found the relics first and were ordered to be scattered throughout the world by the elders so that no one would find them. The relics were teleported randomly, sending each of them in unique biomes and locations across the globe by the best ender knights. One young child was lucky enough to spot an enderman teleporting then dropping off a relic in mid air. There has been a report of a lost child in the mountains who was spotted chasing a glowing object but he was never to be found.

The relics were all the same glowing yellowish color and unique in forms and power. But they all contained a similar strong energy source that could absorb all other weaker energy such as redstone and could even absorb a creature's life energy causing death if not used properly. Overtime that resulted in the relics absorbing the energy of the biomes they were in giving a sort of mutation finalizing in an additional power of their own. At first all the relics were neutral and could be claimed by either the dark minded nether hordes or any other person with evil thoughts such as the infamous Herobrine or they could be claimed by the generous and kind heroes of the world looking for peace and equality. But after they developed that mutated power they went from neutral to either positive and could be claimed by people with good intents or negative and could only be climbed by those with bad intents or a negative mind. Only two relics stayed neutral and one of them being the Enderine.

Rumors about the metal monsters quickly spread and eventually reached Port Aerial where air pirates flew towards the Qeorvik Range by ship but when they landed, there was nothing. There were no signs of anything regardless of how hard they tried to find whatever they were searching the mountain for and the extreme cold wasn’t in their favor either. Whatever was or may have been there was long gone.
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