A jam converted from a legacy event
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  • Jam Overview

    Jam is over.
    It ran from May 6, 2020 @ 4:00 pm UTC to May 31, 2020 @ 4:00 pm UTC
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    Basic Summary

    Unranked Jam accepted up to 5 Mob Skins from participants.
    66 mob models allowed.
    Accepts only standard resolution skins.

    Read the about for more information.
  • About

    Converted Legacy Event

    This event was converted from our old contest and event system into our new jam format for historic preservation. Some details may be confusing in the new jam context.

    This event concluded!

    Read the event conclusion summary!
    Thanks to all who participated and enjoyed the event.

    home Welcome to the Mobs of Minecraft Reimagined Skin Event!

    There are lots of familiar and unusual mobs in Minecraft and we've grown accustomed to their look and feel even if the mob itself isn't based on anything in reality. Resource packs have breathed new life into them in countless styles but they take a considerable amount of work to complete. On PMC, we have PMCSkin3D & mini-mob packs which allows the creation and customization of individual mobs a breeze for both Java and Bedrock Edition. Let's see what we can do together by tackling all the mobs individually!

    Event Theme Breakdown
    1) Pick any mob that isn't an object. So passive, neutral and aggressive mobs but no tridents, beds, fishing bobbers, etc.
    2) Your re-imagined mob skin should stay true to its original character in the game. For example, a rabbit should still be a rabbit since in the game, it will still hop around and enjoy carrots. We're looking forward to seeing your art style applied to the mobs. Note that it doesn't need to be a realistic rabbit, it could be robotic if that's your jam.
    3) You may enter up to 5 mobs. They don't have to all be in the same style but if someone likes one, maybe they'll want to download your full set! Maybe... it's the start of your very own resource pack.

    Feel free to work together! This is a community event which means we're coming together with a particular goal in mind. Perhaps you team up with a friend and attempt to apply the same common style or color palette to 10 different mobs as your own little mini challenge within the event.

    The event accepts all Minecraft mobs supported by PMCSkin3D except objects & player skins.

    Event? This means no competition, no judges and no final leader board. This event is for the pure fun of creating something together as a community and to hopefully inspire you to try something new! At the end of the event, each participant will receive a special award for their trophy case. Go alone, team up, bounce around, it's all good.

    Theme pitched by DinowCookie and selected by community poll!

    Daaww, I've re-imagined a rabbit into a 1000% cuter rabbit! Now what?

    First hop around and befriend it! Then; submit your entry, it's going to burrow it's way into other players worlds! Upload your creation into the Mob Skin section. Submit your creation like usual but check the box indicating it's for the Event!

    Even if your not participating in the event, you can support others by giving diamonds, favoriting your favs and commenting on how great entries are this month. Consider collecting your favorites in a collection and sharing them as a recommended pack!

    The event runs for about one month!

    The event will be active for the remainder of May! We encourage you to take your time and share content that show off and push your skills!

    assignment_turned_in Rules & Guidelines

    Even though this is a non-competitive event, there are a couple of rules and guidelines.

    Up to FIVE entries per participant!

    The event allows for any participant to enter up to five entries.
    • Submit any mob that isn't an object.
    • Your skin should stay true to the original mob but it can be any art style / theme you prefer. aka. Steam punk rabbit is cool.
    • The standard rules of Planet Minecraft apply to any submission.
    • You are expected to enter new work. This means you cannot enter any creation that was previously uploaded to Planet Minecraft.
    • Collaborations and teamwork are allowed for this event.
    • Submissions that do not follow the rules will be disqualified.


    • If you create an entry which doesn't immediately seem appropriately-themed, be sure to explain the relevance to the theme in your submission's description.
    • You have the remainder of the month, so have fun!
    • Don't hesitate to collaborate for this event, we would love to see group efforts!

    help Any questions or contributions?

    If you have a question, suggestion, thoughts about the event, join the discussion official Mob Skins Re-imagined community event thread.

    We are excited to see your fresh takes on mobs both on PMC and in the game!

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