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    I am a crazy humored artist and a pretty good Minecrafter. I'm good at building in Minecraft, I'm decent with redstone, I like to farm up a lot of rare materials in Minecraft survival and build large epic things in creative. I also like to draw and make various forms of art. I'm a pretty nice, pretty fair person. To see more of my Minecraft art (or my art in general) visit my Deviant Art.

    I won't have ALL of my work shown simply here on PMC due to the fact that sometimes I'll do server builds that I don't have access to clipping out copies of so it's considerable to pay a visit to my Deviant Art once in a while. Some of my builds are also just plain to hard built into the server with command blocks that I can't simply just remove them. So hit me up at Deviant Art as 8bloodpetals and you can see things like my Teleportation Center Designs as well as well as things i've been too indecisive about to upload here under a particular catagory. :)

    I have a youtube account, and it's opperational! I have several different kind of videos uploaded including non MC ones. I'm getting a little more used to speaking for the video recordings. I have a few redstone related stuff on there. I have a few minecraft related how to's. I've been going over some of my own builds a bit. then I've recently been trying a bit of MC survival stuff.
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    Self Done Temple of Ianite
    Unix - Radical Sequence
    Nahalin [254 Blocks High]
    Holy Valley
    The Shard
    ★ Banished Star ★
    Mushroom Island Cathedral Thingy
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