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    (The name refers to an OC of mine and has lore behind it though not shared here)
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    I find inspiration from the depths of my chaotic mind, sometimes being totally random about what I make, sometimes with a lot of inspiration, and other times with none at all. Other times I base content off music I enjoy.

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    I also enjoy seeking out relatively small / underrated content creators that I wish more people knew about and try to shed some light on them by making skins based off them in some way, shape, or form with that particular creator's song/creation in the description below whatever skin I've made.

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    (showing support for an underrated artist)
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    This account is an alt account of someone who's been on PMC since the end of 2019 although the person I was when I made that account has, in a manner of speaking, due to mental health issues, identity crises, etc. ceased to exist in his entirety. On bad days I can hardly look at my old account without experiencing a sort of triggering effect. On good days, it sort of feels like looking through a photo album or watching a recorded video of someone that I once knew and loved that has passed away. Part of me wants to be open about who I am, so that the friends I made during those years and I could be reunited, but then again I can't stand the idea of being referred to as that person, or being thought of as having any connection with my prior self. I want to make it clear though, that there wasn't anything bad about the past me. It's simply that so much has taken place in the past while that the me that is here now is a distorted, broken version of the me that was online back then, and things I held in such high regard for the entirety of my life (less in the sense of how I presented myself online, but in real life) ended up becoming an obsolete, yet mentally-eroding part of my life. Something that trickled down into every facet of my person and into my day to day life, so much so that now I just want to let the previous me die.

    Part of me has wondered if I want to start completely over, including friendships, as in just disappearing from the people I knew and restricting all access, as those were the people a version of myself that is mentally long gone were friends with. And alternatively, the me that was back then, was the person my friends came to know and enjoy speaking with. I find myself tensing up when I see their profiles show up for the very reason I just mentioned and I don't like that because they were people I supported back then ,so I suppose, I won't go the route of totally limiting people's awareness of who I was. Instead I'll leave you with this: not the name of the other profile but a clue at least, so that if any old friends by luck should find their way here and can put two and two together, then perhaps we can connect again. My old user name had something to do with a secret easter egg character from a popular indie game first released back in 2015, and I made a lot of horror themed player/mob skins.

    ~ If you do find me, ~
    ~ nice to meet you again. ~
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