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    03/31/2016 1:11 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    02/04/2016 11:14 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    What Position are you applying for: Moderator or Admin, Possible Dev

    Age: 15

    Name: Joe

    IGN: BlueBusby

    Skype (Needed): officialbusby

    What Time Zone Are You In?: GMT

    What Times Can You Play (Weekends / Weekdays)?: 4-8pm sunday-thursday | 1pm-2am friday and saturday

    How well do you work under pressure: I work very well under pressure as I have owned a server with lots of players (200+) and been helper on many servers with also a lot of people

    Do you work for another server: No, As I said, I was owner of my server until my hosting company shut down and a lot of issues with family

    Time Played On Bavcraft?: N/A, Not got IP

    Servers You Have Been Staff On In The Past?: AtomicNetwork, RandomNetwork, LegendarySkyCraft (my server), AtomicMc, GodlyPvP, FacForFac

    How Can You Benefit Our Server?: I can be on daily and help with any plugins as I know a lot about them as I used to own a server, Also I am very mature and like to help people as I am a kind person and I am willing to help anyone who needs help, I will always try and get people online to help the server grow and help with the server as much as I can.

    Why Do You Think You Should Get The Position?: I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I can do things for you. Basically whenever you need my help I will be on to help you. So whenever you need something you can count on me to be there before anyone else. I strive to help people in need, whether if it is help for a command, information on the server, or in need of a staff member. I do my best even when I have limited power and impact on the players. With having a lot of experience with owning and being staff on servers under my belt, I will carry that over to the server and help you guys out! . Personally, I think my leadership and decision making skills are great and can benefit the server in many ways. While striving to be a role model to the players, I do not cuss, swear, refer to inappropriate things, et cetera. I have ways of interrogation for when I think members are hacking/modding and have crafty ways of "tricking" them into admission of hacking! I can usually be active every day of the week, whether if it is helping people on the forums, playing in-game, being on, having a staff meeting on skype or whatever other way I can be connected to the server I will do it; for sure! I am very open to tips, or constructive criticism. If I am not accepted, I will continue to play on the sever because of my unconditional love for the server.

    Describe Yourself (Personality / Qualities): Awesome, Funny, Kind, Helpful, Smart

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