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    Welcome to my profile

    I'm a she / her from The Netherlands and I have been playing Minecraft for at least 6 years now. This is why I am on Planet Minecraft, to share my Minecraft related things. I am a very logical and technical person so I also like Redstone very much. Lately I don't have that much time to concentrate on my Redstone creations because I've been really busy with maintaining my Minecraft server and everything that surrounds it. I also very much like computers and computer networks. Here are a couple of things that interest me.

    System administration

    This has been my work in the past and is still a hobby today. I run a advanced computer network at home to do all of my testing and development on, think of web application development and Minecraft server development. I run a webserver which I use to develop and test websites and web applications on and I have a couple of virtual machines on my main workstation. One of those virtual machines is dedicated to testing and developing my Minecraft server. Next to that I am also always experimenting with computers to make them work more efficiently and faster. I'm really never finished with this as something new always comes out relatively fast. I use Debian 9.4 GNU/Linux on my servers and Windows 10 on my main workstation.

    Computer networks

    Also have done this for work in the past and remains a hobby today. I am very interested in advanced internet traffic routing and firewall systems. Of course my own computer network is well protect at home. I make sure that internet bandwidth is equally divided among those who use the internet at home, that internet traffic is scanned for viruses and malware before it enters my computer network and that most if not all hackers stay out of my computer systems. I have done very much experimenting with wireless computer networks as well, wireless computer networks are inherently insecure since you can 'see' everything that is sent and received on the network. Pair that with the knowledge of proxy systems and faked security certificates and you can pretty much get into anything if you try hard enough. Knowing these things also really comes in handy if you want to kick someone of the network that is using up all the internet bandwidth.


    I have worked as an application developer for an insurance company. I wrote a program that alerted insurance agents about accounts that missed monthly payments using a vast MS-SQL database and C# as a programming language. Next to that it's also a hobby, I'm proficient with the PHP language, I have been using that since version 4 together with MySQL as my main database system. The website for my server is written in PHP and uses MySQL as it's database system. In very near future I am going to write a web application that displays data that Minecraft server plugins store in their MySQL databases, and will release it to the public when it is finished. I have written small things, mostly experimenting, with Java, C++ and Lua just to get to know these languages a bit.

    Minecraft server development

    I have been doing this for about as long as I play Minecraft. I have started with regular vanilla servers for a small group of friends and started experimenting with Bukkit servers when that still was popular. After that I was interested in modpack versions (Technicpack based and FTB based) and eventually managed to figure out how to make my own Technicpack based modpack and a server for it. The server was again for friends and family since modpacks can be quite system resource intensive. Forward to present day I now maintain the PhrozenCookie server. It's a highly optimized and streamlined survival server featuring a small but interesting set of plugins that make life on a survival server more interesting. I have spent a lot of time talking with other server developers about plugins and did a lot of research on how to optimize certain aspects of running a Minecraft server. The latest version of the PhrozenCookie server has a pre-generated terrain, this decreases the load on the server when players are exploring the world.


    Minecraft is obvious so I'll move on. I'm a great fan of open world sandbox games and technical games. An example is Space Engineers. It's a game much like Minecraft, but you get to gather resources to build your factories and power generators that you can use to build space ships and space stations. It features some realism such as gravity and thrust to weight ratios. There are also different moons and planets to colonize and there is an alien planet with hostile aliens on them. You can even fight other ships and raid cargo ships. Quite a cool game if you like the technical and slightly scientific aspect of it. Another game I have been playing is Factorio. You can again gather up resources and build and maintain giant factories and also fight aliens. It requires a bit of learning and having a problem solving and analytical attitude helps a lot. Other games I enjoy sometimes are The Elder Scrolls games (morrowind, oblivion and skyrim) and Rise/Shadow of the Tombraider.
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