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    Hey Guys! It’s me aa12_yt! I hope you have a great evening/day or whatever time of day or night it is where you and/or your friends live. Have a great day/night! <3
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      July 30, 2022, 7:00 pm to Public
      Finland (🇫🇮) & Sweden (🇸🇪) [​Countryhumans]

      Finland: Why the heck did you try touching it, you idiot!!?? (Sweden was mentioning a brown bear that was literally chasing them both).

      Sweden: Stop asking and run!!

      Reasons why Sweden (Country Humans) hits a brown bear:

      Why would you want to hit a brown bear in the first place?

      1.) All kinds of bears are dangerous and unfriendly especially if you try to hurt one or one of their cubs (baby bear).

      2.) It’s unsafe not to mess with any of the bears that you see/encounter. (E.G. polar bear or black bear or brown bear).

      And why did you want to hit a brown bear in the first place Sweden? Why? You could’ve gotten yourself killed along with Finland.
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      July 19, 2022, 11:31 pm to Public
      How To Cure Zombie Villagers?!

      Here is a short blog on How to cure *Zombie Villagers*. Yes, some of you might think curing Zombie Villagers isn’t that easy especially if your Survival Mode, and your right on that question. But if your in Creative Mode you have all the things you can put into your inventory (e.g Neitherrite Sword or Iron Boots). 

      Curing Zombie Villagers:

      Curing Zombie Villagers should be an easy thing for all Minecrafters to experience (especially if you or your friends that haven’t unlocked it yet). There’s an achievement that all Minecrafters can unlock and it’s called “Zombie Doctor” and it should be very easy to complete. All you need is a Golden Apple and a Splash Potion of Weakness (1:00/1:30). Yeah! It’s that simple to cure “Zombie Villagers”. If you have enjoyed this short blog on *how to* cure Zombie Villagers, just leave a like and comment down below if this blog really has helped you. <3

      There will be a *how to video* on how to *cure Zombie Villagers* on Minecraft.


      Curing Of The Zombie Villager | Minecraft
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