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    About Me
    I'm a furry and though I do not make many minecraft skins anymore I am slowly getting back into it.
    (CLOSED)How to Request
    First I do not draw celebrities because I simply can't... Reference Images ARE A MUST, you have no idea how much a picture can help get your point across when I begin.

    1. Do you wan't 1.8+ features then simply Yes or No (helmet doesn't count as 1.8+ feature)
    2. Head, Hair or no hair? Hat or no hat? colour(s)
    3. Hair or no hair/style, colour(s)
    4. eyes, colour(s) (No eyes??)
    5. chest, shirt or no shirt/style, and colour(s)
    6. legs, pants or no pants/style, colour(s)
    7. shoes or no shoes/style, colour

    And there you have it, answer these questions and we are good to go! Remember REFERENCE IMAGES!


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