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    *(^-^)* Yo, how goes it?
    This is my second skin making account but my main is on Skindex! on this one I'll post reuploads and custom skins if you want since my other is mostly game/ anime characters. And thanks for having me!

    -+*What I Do?*+-
    I make/ edit a variety of different anime characters from the from the ones I grew up with and the more recent ones. I also make video game characters. My style consists of using really bright colors in hopes that you feel happy when you see my work.

    Feel free to make request and I will do them as long as they are age appropriate!

    -+*Follow Me?*+-
    - I frequent the Hypixel MC server and my username is FoxEyed, so say hi if you see me :D
    - And my YT is Konaumi where I do really cringe speed paints and animation if you'd like to check! (New Channel)
    - I made a twitter and I will link it if anyone asks for it. I am planning to upload my art there in hopes of making my own comic.

    -+*Random Fact?*+-
    My name is a reference to my favorite anime Ace of Diamond (Daiya No Ace). The protagonist Sawamura is ofthen called Bakamura; Sawamoron or Stupidmura. And since Aho means stupid in japanese, I made my name Ahomura!

    -+*Anime Recommendations of the Week*+-
    -Magic Kaito 1214 (+14) Crunchyroll
    -Jourmagand (+18) Hulu & Funimation
    -Chihayafuru (+13) Crunchyroll
    -World Trigger (+14) Crunchyroll
    -Gintama (+14-+18) Hulu (1/2 season 1) & Crunchyroll (all seasons)
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