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    currently crying over

    genshin impact
    honkai impact (fu hua's wife (REAL))
    tears of themis (artem your hand in marriage please)

  • kei / akeijie
    she/her | 18
    EN / 中文 OK

    stuck in the 2010s era of shading! <3
    please DO NOT repost my skins without my permission | if you want to edit, credit me as "Lisa1051" or "akeijie"

    a lot of my friends are long gone from pmc, unfortunately
    here are the pages I can remember (some names may be different and I'm unable to track them down :( )

    Snati | Double | Zara | yeol ( been a while qaq )
    pastel | neckdeep/bodzilla | zoeyyy

    formerly Lisa1051 > Misaka > Illuminated

    community trophies / stamps <3
    i may have accidentally deleted everything in here while shuffling my page around :' ))))
    missing items include:
    - lots of support stamps
    - neckdeep/bodzilla's contest stamp

    everything beyond this point is new!

    DinowCookie's 100 remakes but your skins event

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    trades :: open
    collab :: open
    requests :: closed
    contests :: open

    commissions :: open via venmo, ko-fi
    reshade $5
    standard $10
    detailed $15

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      September 23, 2021, 4:23 pm to Public
      i should stop thinking about numbers and make skins for my own enjoyment but ahhahjhgjhn please enlighten me as to what i have to do to even get on page 2 of trending
    •  avatar
      September 7, 2021, 1:36 pm to Public
      I know it's minor but ayo... if you're gonna borrow aspects of my skin design for your skin please give me credit at least lolo

      this has been happening w some of my Genshin skins on Skindex as of late and I get it, we're allowed to take inspiration or look at something for guidance (I do too when I'm not sure how to do something), but a 1:1 replica of a complicated design is a little too coincidental lmao

      I don't want to call anyone out but hhh these skins take me hours to make and I love making them a lot. sure, I'm honoured that you think my design is worthy of being copied but ???eojdhiejf don't go ahead and say it was that hard to do when it's literally my skin but less saturated in some places TT

      (this hasn't happened on pmc. kinda says something abt skindex's moderation,,)
    •  avatar
      September 6, 2021, 2:07 am to Public
      ty Aquarine and WindGuideYouOn for the notifications over the past few days esp on my older skins TT <33 it means a lot to me!! they're so embarrassing though AHAHA I hope to remake them someday!
    •  avatar
      September 4, 2021, 12:22 pm to Public
      dang what does one need to do nowadays to even get on the trending page
    •  avatar
      September 4, 2021, 12:09 pm to Public
      i just noticed the drunk dazed skin has an unshaded patch sob
      this is what I get for making skins at 12 am
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