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    yes hello am new to this community

    been obsessed with minecraft over the past few months so that's why i decided to join
    hopefully i will become minecraft buddies with some of you :) i have no friends :(

    here are some basic facts about me.
    gender: woman
    pronouns: ´╗┐she/her/hers
    age: under 20
    location: UK
    religious views: atheist (however i am respectful of all religions and cultures)
    political views: left
    favourite music: rock, pop, indie and hip-hop (favourite artist is twenty one pilots)
    favourite tv shows: Friends, Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, The Office, Stranger Things, Family Guy, Orange Is The New Black, Peaky Blinders, + a few favourites from my childhood.

    *Follow me on Insta @leftist.vegan pls & thank u*
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