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Mark Hakansson on Youtube

Mark Hakansson
Subscribers: 112
Videos: 4

I'm a perfectionist with little spare time. That's why you won't see many videos here!

Thanks to everyone who's subscribed, rated or commented!

Spam on my videos will be removed and the users (who spammed) blocked from commeting.

If you have any questions PM me!

Might start a new project "Wonderful Morrowind" and maybe in the future "Wonderful Skyrim" if I ever get a new gaming rig! =)

Latest videos

  • Minecraft - Dwarven City
    A teaser for the Minecraft map "Othrond" soon available for download on: (Link to the PlanetMinecraft page of this map.) If you don't want to use the link, just g...

    posted 05/13/2011 2:17 pm

  • Minecraft - Flooding the RIVAR
    Flooding the RIVAR at "ANNZZ's Server of DOOM!" built by the whole op squad plus alot of others too! The quality sucks I know, tried other video settings in Vegas and they failed! Game: http://www.m...

    posted 11/26/2009 3:24 pm

  • Wonderful Oblivion [HD]
    The beautiness of (I know it's not a word) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion! My aim of this video was basicly to show you; It gets prettier with MODS! But I'm not sure if you'll see any difference be...

    posted 02/17/2009 9:26 am

  • Gun In Oblivion
    No you can't use modifications on your console. When this video was made I had absolutely no idea who Breaking Benjamin was or even that Halo 2 existed. I just searched for a song with lyrics that w...

    posted 06/23/2007 7:36 pm



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