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  • Who You Should Consider Subscribing to (In the future???)

    Hey if you ever see a skin made by an alien named Vinien
    subscribe to her.

    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Then tell her that half of her new fortune-fans were all because of me. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
  • About

    If you want to read some boring trash, be my guest.

    About me:

    Pansexual, female, under 21 years old

    Stuff about what I post and policies:

    Don't steal anything. Although it hasn't been a problem yet, it's still good to put this here so you know that being robbed of your work sucks.

    How to find people better than I:

    Well check my subscriptions and my subscribers. Shout out to xXDumbleDoeXx she's great at making skins, and deserves more subscribers so yeah. And KitDirt. They're both mah friends. You can find them both in my subscriptions and my subscribers.

    Oh yeah and um KitDirt doesn't post but my fren Dumble is great at making skins. She's pretty new and is working on shading so don't criticize her work. I'll hate you and chances are I will unsubscribe from you.

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  • What I'm Working On

    Must do:
    1. Yammy
    2. (maybe) CrankGameplays ("Ethan 'Backflip Dude' Nestor")

    The rest are to be determined, but that/those is/are my current priority(s)

    Will do:

    1. Reshade
    2. Youtubers
    3. Game skins
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