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Welcome to my page!

About me:
I'm 20 years old and I've played Minecraft for almost 8 years already, and one day I decided to share some of my projects here. Now I study architecture in college, so all those projects I publish here are in the purpose of studying this subject for myself, and expanding the possibilities of my imagination, and to show people what things are possible to achieve with some cubic game :D I haven't got a specific theme that I'm always attached to, I build whatever I want, from whatever country, place, and time. But what is certain, is that I only build real life locations, no fantasy or wonder worlds stuff.

How I build:
The idea is to construct buildings in this game using 1:1 scale only with as much details as possible without any outside modifications, assuming Steve is 1.85 m high and doors are 2 m, in that case buildings look maybe simpler, but clean, more realistic and natural, just as it has to be :D

The use of the maps (important!):
You can download and buy my maps for personal use only, you cannot use my maps to benefit from it, to get money from it, or to use it somewhere to get downloads or views from it. However, if you want to do these things listed above anyway, contact me through social media and we'll discuss it in a proper manner as a form of collaboration or negotiation.

You can download all my maps for just 5 bucks a month!
My Email for suggestions or collaboration:
My Discord: artemin01#5358

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