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Videos: 13

Welcome to Athion!

Athion is a brand creative network based around Minecraft, dedicated to creating a brand new, never-before-seen creative experience for players, both in video and server form. We were formed by the previous owners and staff of Mithrintia and Pwego-Insomnia, two Minecraft creative servers, with the intention of truly changing creative design. Although we're new, we have an incredible drive to do amazing things, and will not stop until we do.

For now, you can expect Minecraft cinematics, timelapses, and that sort of thing from us; in the long-term, who knows! We hope to bring you more and more as time goes on! Thanks for visiting!

Latest videos

  • Athion Tutorials: FAWE Adjacency Mask - The Basics
    Welcome to the first of a series of tutorials and run-throughs of the array of tools and commands available to players on the Athion Network! This video shows you the basics of the FastAsyncWorldEdit...

    posted 03/11/2017 1:59 pm

  • Project Full Moon - Halloween 2016
    Welcome to Athion's 2016 Halloween build - "Project Full Moon" by Maltheaugust and Kevaasaurus! Capturing the scientific experimentation of werewolves, and the measures needed to contain them. Videog...

    posted 10/31/2016 5:32 pm

  • Athion Commission World
    The feature video of our Commission World - all the benefits of a private server, with the fun of a public one! If you've ever needed a tank of a server where you can World Edit in the billions, or ne...

    posted 10/22/2016 1:49 pm

  • Minecraft Cinematic - Dell’s Big Data
    A new map made by the Athion Network Build Team as part of Dell’s Big Data tour in Canada. Join us on a stroll along a boulevard past some of Canada’s most famous hockey stadiums, and breathe in t...

    posted 02/06/2016 1:30 pm

  • Macabre Infestation | Athion vs BlockWorks Horror Contest
    Created by Athion Build Team of the course of 3 days in a head to head battle against Blockworks. Our aim was create an atmosphere and a different take on the standard horror concept, we feel that thi...

    posted 10/10/2015 6:35 pm

  • Minecraft Cinamatic - Druid Grove [Survival Games Map]
    Druid Grove is one of our latest commissioned builds for a PVP server with this map being focused on Survival Games. It has all the typical aspects of a Survival Games map along with many places to ex...

    posted 10/02/2015 8:12 pm

  • Minecraft Cinamatic - Ironcrest Refinery [Survival Games Map]
    Ironcrest Refinery is one of our latest commissioned builds for a PVP server with this map being focused on Survival Games built by rs_nor and Leodrak. It has all the typical aspects of a Survival Gam...

    posted 09/12/2015 9:15 pm

  • Minecraft Cinematic - Smältur Öden
    ==== Join us on play.athion.net or www.athion.net ==== LORE A smoky smog cascades down the pointed peaks Smältur Öden like the tendrils of smoke that billow from the nostrils of a great winged bea...

    posted 07/18/2015 9:33 pm

  • Athion Network - A New World
    Join us in our NEW CREATIVE Open World System | play.athion.net ----------------------------------------------------- Athion Network Creative Minecraft Server IP: play.athion.net Website: http://www...

    posted 07/09/2015 7:19 pm

  • Minecraft Cinematic - Valneria Islands
    Minecraft Cinematic The Islands of Valneria are the second of a line of projects from our new network, Athion. This build was actually constructed quite a while back, around September of 2013. It ...

    posted 10/12/2014 3:58 pm

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