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  • Auri
    August 2, 2020, 5:09 am to Public
    I was originally writing this in response to one particular wallpost but I figured it'd be helpful to dedicate a whole wallpost to it and maybe expand upon a few things unrelated to the OP. Recently I've seen a handful of posts regarding practice, improvement and self-denigration.

    Firstly on mindsets - overall, skinning should be fun/enjoyable. Any mindset that encourages unhealthy lines of thought will wear you out and you'll end up dreading skinning as a whole.

    One of these is the self-denigration mindset (which Kawaii has commented on): especially if you're new but even if you're a seasoned skinner, please don't denigrate yourself when it comes to your skins. I'm no stranger to self-deprecating humour but it's only something I do on occasion and usually it's at a point where it's bants with close friends. If you lower yourself all the time to other people, you'll never rise up

    The other is the excuses and expectations mindset: don't beat yourself up over missed expectations, excusing yourself, etc. Personally, that's only ever been useful when I'm trying to confront something unhealthy about myself irl. Skinning is something to be enjoyed and thinking in those terms is the farthest thing from fun

    As for getting better as skinner - yes, the answer is practice. How do I practice? usually I practice with three steps(?) in mind:
    - I read up on what other people do (blogs, descriptions, whatever) or I'll talk to them (usually via Discord servers)
    - I download skins I like and dissect them by zoomin' in a bunch and using the eyedropper tool; all the while I'm relating concepts I know/have heard of to what I'm seeing in front of me
    - then I'll put what I've read/learnt together in a skin

    But how should you approach practice? Personally, I don't sit and practice skinning, per se - first and foremost I skin for the purposes of making something; practice is something I achieve along the way. Often I'll come up with an idea for a skin first, then I'll look for something new to actively try or something I've done before that I'd like to consciously improve upon. Other times I'm not really seeking to improve, but even then every lil bit helps.

    Now to keep things real, a lot of the time I'm not terribly satisfied with the end result. But at the end of the day, and getting back to my main point, I skin cos it's something I enjoy. If I'm not enjoying it, I'll find something else that I can enjoy and get back to skinning later. Hell, sometimes I'll just go on break altogether

    TL;DR: skinning should be fun - if you're lowering yourself to others, if you're beating yourself up over excuses, if you're wearing yourself out over practice, then you're probably not having fun.

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    WitchyWorkshop said 2020-08-02 09:46:47
    Thank you for making this! this is just for art in general, my friend definitely needs this, she keeps beating herself up.
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