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My Minecraft Story
Once upon a time, there was a little thirteen-year-old me. Who craved for creativity, and has recently discovered the YouTuber, Markiplier. Who often posted Drunk Minecraft videos back in 2013. This was a time before I had Minecraft, and after finding Markiplier's Drunk Minecraft series, I instantly was hooked. However, I didn't receive Minecraft until October 27th, 2013 as a late birthday gift from my dear older sister, who now resides out of state. But when I received Minecraft the first thing I did was load the game up, and play in creative mode. At the time, I wasn't too much into the whole survival side of Minecraft, because I only heard of the building side and not so much the actual survival side of it. But anyway; when I first started playing, I barely knew how to work the game. And everything I built looked horrible; however, then again, I was new to the game. Also, at the time, I thought everything I built was amazing. Now looking back on it, I was definitely not the best builder.

So later came the time when I discovered multiplayer. Which, I had no idea what it was at the time, and thought I was only allowed to connect with other people in the household. But then I started looking up different creative servers, and that's when I joined my very first one. Now, I'm not going to name the server but I'm sure you can understand where I am going with this. At the time, I thought everything was amazing. It was my first server, and they had the ability to have up to 20 plots at one time. Which was amazing, and gave me the opportunity to create whatever I wanted, basically. So, of course, I continued to play on the server. Where I played with a friend of mine from a site called Quotev. Now, I'm sure most of you have never heard of that site, but she was a really good friend of mine who also told me a lot about Minecraft. And so, we often played together on that server.

That's when her one friend introduced me to WorldEdit, which was an amazing tool but I still didn't know how to function it properly. Then I figured I'd go out and explore and see what else was out there. That also brings us to when my computer started to act up. My stepdad tried fixing it, causing me to lose my entire world. My first Minecraft world, ever. Which, of course, I was most devastated by it. However, when we got the new computer that's when I discovered the flat worlds. I began to create several more houses, and of course, they weren't that great. I even started exploring the world of Pixel Art, where I would look up different tutorials on how to build certain characters such as Nyan Cat, Slenderman, etc.

Then here comes the time when my mum spilt coffee on the keyboard. I was sharing a computer with her at the time, so basically what she did reflected on me. And so, my second most precious Minecraft world was lost forever. And this was a time before I had discovered the ability to backup your worlds so that you would never lose them. Which, of course, I was still new to the game. And this was back in 2014 when I only had the game for about a year or so. Fast forward to where I found a free build server. Yes, it was survival, but it also gave you the ability to build whatever you wanted. Given all the blocks at different shops, for free!

That's when my building abilities really took off. Now, as you can see with my build "SilentHollow" that was posted in 2015, my builds have gotten better. Sure, they're not the most detailed, but they're my best builds that I am proud of. And I love that I have a wonderful community of people to share my creations with. Whether it be cities, parkour maps, or even Minecraft skins that I created. So yeah, that's most of my story. I didn't even cover most of it, haha. But yeah, there you go. My beginnings, and what is to come in the future. ^^
About Me + social media
Who Am I?
Hello! My name is Autumn, and I am 17 years old. I was born 8 October 2000, on a Sunday. I have 3 sisters, and 1 brother. Which makes me the youngest of four siblings. I really enjoy listening to music and talking with new people (even though I'm a shy little potato). I also really love anime and writing. I am currently still in High School; however, after I graduate High School, I plan to take a year off to hopefully travel and see new places before I attend college. I would really love to major English Literature, and possibly minor in Music or a Foreign Language.

I hope one day to be able to travel the world and teach English as a second language. I will be taking German III and German IV in the 11th grade/Year 12. I hope to move to Kassel, Germany one day. As that's where my ancestors on my dad's side of the family came from. I am half German, Irish, Native American, Caucasian, and English.

I love learning foreign languages, hence why I want to travel the world and get a better platform for learning the language. As it can be very difficult to learn the language when you're not being surrounded by it on a daily basis. But yeah! I hope to chat with you soon, and I apologise if I don't respond. I have a bad habit of forgetting to respond to people. (Sorry!)

Social Media:
Quotev: @LittleRaven
YouTube: AutumnHorror

Want me to make a skin for you?
Hi there! I see you are interested in wanting me to make a skin for you. I am happy to do so, however there are some things you must know before I make you a skin.
First, I work on my own time and schedule. Give me at least a week to get your skin done. I do have a life outside of making skins, so please do understand it will take me awhile to get it uploaded for you.

Second, you must tell me and show me an image of what you want your skin to look like. HOWEVER, do not become frustrated if I am unable to do a certain style that you want done. I'm not that great at making skins, and I try the best that I am able to. I create skins that I am able to, not what I'm not able to.

Third, please be respectful when working with me. If I feel like you are being rude, and rushing me to make your skin, I will decline your request IMMEDIATELY. I will not hesitate, and you will be blocked from being able to request in the future. I'm sorry if this seems rude, but please understand that I am trying to work with you on your skin. You have to be respectful, and be able to answer any questions that I ask about what you want your skin to look like. If you are unable to answer any questions that I ask, you must let me know.

Thank you for reading this. I'm looking forward to working with you!

Want to use my maps?
Hi there! You probably have come across my builds, or maps and thought: "huh, I want to feature this in a YouTube video" or maybe you thought: "hey, why not showcase this in my server?" Well, you've come to the right place! Please do note that if you do use my maps in your server, or showcase it in a YouTube video, you must leave a direct link to the map and my PMC page. If I catch you stealing my maps, I will report you. Without hesitation. And I will show the most evidence I possibly can, to show that you did in fact stole my maps. I don't care if you use them in your server, or YouTube videos. But any attempts to steal my maps, and claim them as your own will not turn out well for you. Thanks for understanding. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Thanks!
Want me to build for you?
So, you decided you want me to build for you. That's awesome! I'm thrilled that you chose me out of so many other people out there, that are far more talented than I am. However, if I do build for you; please let me work on it in my own time and on my own. I don't do well with build teams, as they stress me out and I'm not good with building in a certain way that other people might be good at. I prefer working independently, and on my own schedule and deadline. I've tried sticking to deadlines, and they do not work well with me. Nor do schedules work for me, either. Do not let this frighten you, as I will try my best to comply with your needs. I just want you to be aware that I take my time, and I like to enjoy it, without feeling like I'm being rushed or anything of the sort.

And any work that I do for you, must have a direct link to my PMC account. Any attempts to steal my builds, claiming them as your own will not end well. I will have evidence to back me up in case you make any attempts. Thanks!

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