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Welcome to my channel! Here I cover tech related content, such as:

Benchmarks, where I go over how good exactly a certain piece of hardware is, usually comparing it to some other hardware.

Reviews, in which I go over if a certain piece of tech/hardware is worth buying or not.

Discussions, where I talk about just revealed things, going over my thoughts on them, and predicting what they will be like.

On here and on other platforms I've been creating online content since 2012 and I've been a video creator since 2013.

Latest videos

  • Why the People Who HATE the RTX 3090 ARE WRONG: RTX 3090 Launch
    The recent release of the Nvidia RTX 3090 has left many people confused, as the RTX 3090 shares a lot of features and performance with lower-end cards, like the RTX 3080, while also looking more like ...

    posted 09/26/2020 5:51 pm

  • Corsair IPO: Corsair Goes Public and What It Means for YOU!
    Corsair has JUST had their IPO, meaning that Corsair gone public! You can now buy Corsair stocks if you want! But what exactly does this mean? How will it influence Corsair products, and products of t...

    posted 09/25/2020 5:14 pm

  • Was the RTX 3080 WORTH THE WAIT?!
    The RTX 3080 launched almost a week ago now and the launch has been a mixed start. The RTX 3080 performance is great, the RTX 3080 price is great, and the features coming out alongside the RTX 3080, l...

    posted 09/24/2020 3:58 pm

  • Does Nvidia Reflex ACTUALLY HELP?!
    Does Nvidia Reflex ACTUALLY HELP?! Recently, Nvidia finally released Nvidia Reflex Low Latency, a feature that promises to reduce the latency in your favourite games, like Fortnite and Valorant. Howev...

    posted 09/22/2020 1:46 pm

    Today out of nowhere Microsoft announced some big news! Microsoft buys Bethesda and makes them part of the Xbox Team! This is BIG news for the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as they can exp...

    posted 09/21/2020 12:13 pm

  • The RTX 3080 Launch DISASTER: RTX 3080 Scalpers and Bots
    The recent RTX 3080 launch didn't go as well as many people expected, as the day saw the RTX 3080 graphics cards be sold ouut within MINUTES, as high demand, low supply, and scalpers buying up large a...

    posted 09/19/2020 2:04 pm

  • Why NO ONE'S PC WILL RUN Crysis Remastered! Crysis Remastered Tested
    Crysis Remastered has been finally released and now we can ask the question of "Can It Run Crysis" to a whole new generation of PCs, as Crysis remastered is just as hard to run as Crysis was back in 2...

    posted 09/18/2020 1:00 pm

  • THE FUTURE OF GAMING! Testing Project xCloud Cloud Gaming on Android!
    Microsoft began to roll out their Project xCloud for Android! This crazy service allows you to do some cloud gaming, play games with console-level graphics on your Android device! Will Project xCloud ...

    posted 09/17/2020 2:49 pm

  • AMD FINALLY Announced Ryzen 4000 (Zen 3)!
    Ryzen 4000 has finally been announced (at least kinda) by AMD! We will get an event that will reveal everything Ryzen 4000 and Zen 3 related later in October, along with RDNA2 details! So what can we ...

    posted 09/15/2020 5:11 pm

  • NVIDIA IS BUYING ARM: What Does That Mean for You?
    Recently Nvidia broke the news that they are planning to purchase ARM, which is responsible for most CPUs in mobile devices? But what does Nvidia buying ARM actually mean to you? Will Nvidia even aqui...

    posted 09/14/2020 1:45 pm

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