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    June 20, 2021, 11:17 am to Public
    Hi everyone, I've done the count and I still need 30 more thumbnails before I can drop all the datapacks I made in 1.16. I'm still waiting because it allows me to get organized on some other projects I have.

    I know my datapacks are getting good stats and I plan to publish more than 40 of them in total, so I' m wondering: how to publish them without monopolizing the datapack section and the featuring feed for too long?

    In April when I published one datapack per day, I was reproached in private message for monopolizing the section and overshadowing some other creators, which is partly true. My goal would be to avoid that happening again.

    If some of you have ideas, I'd be happy to get them in the comments or in a private message.

    There won't be any datapack in the meantime (maybe a few updates to 1.17) but I'm planning to drop some that I don't think are worth publishing on my Discord server so feel free to visit it if you're interested in them. (https://awhikax.com/discord)
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    Hashs said 2021-06-21 02:47:54
    Honestly if it's just one pack a day I wouldn't have a problem with it one bit. The only thing that really would hurt would be to publish them all at once.
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