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  • Who is BaneKettu/RalphNotTom?

    Bane Kettu and Ralph Not Tom are my 2 characters I use in my various profiles. Bane Kettu's birthday is September 3. Ralph Not Tom's birthday is December 17. They both are different in certain ways but are similar in others.

    Bane Kettu is a far cousin of Cheems. He is a doge with fur colour similar to Cheems. He has googly eyes and is obsessed with becoming King of a fictional land called "Asterland". (after the mc flower) Even though he isn't Cheems, he has achieved various feats like going to space and creating his own newspaper. He also is not that smart and constantly dies in lava.

    Ralph Not Tom(or Tom or Ralph) is a black cat with grey fur inside his ears, white silky whiskers, and bright orange eyes. He is often mistaken with his brothers Ralph and Tom from Half-Asleep Chris. He loves orange bread and cheese. He is really smart and sometimes can be a bit heartless. Not much is known about him at the moment.
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