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    Hey there! Im Boony! or.. buny, for short. I started playing minecraft back when villagers didn't even used to be able to trade with you and before all the new fancy redstone componants were added! I was a crack player before.. Im premium since february 2018 c:

    Im a big survival player, i make posters with Mine-imator, i try to improve at building and redstone. Pvp isn't my type of things but i sometime try to improve a bit at it to uh.. defend myself on server from random guys rushing you for no reason non-stop.

    every poster that i'll post are available for perssonal uses only, you can use them as wallpapers or anything, but not for thumbnails or stuff like that online without my permission, ask me a poster if you want a thumbnail or anything from me! c:
    of course you'll have to give detail fo what you want-

    ´╗┐lemme tell you a bit about myself! c:

    I'm 15, im gay af and im also a furry x).. that's practicly all i can say.. oh yea, im a femboy-
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