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    06/21/2016 6:04 pm
    Level 1 : New Crafter
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    Here are the details on the skin I would like.

    The hairstyle would be a light-isn darkish brown color with a hairstyle like this: ... 2BGuys.jpg

    A light-grey hoodie (hood down) would be great, no design on the hoodie, just a zipper down the middle and the hood in the back like a traditional one.

    I would love for the face to look like this skin (except with brown eyes and none of that hat thingy):

    The legs would be dark-blue jeans, and the shoes, black high-tops with a white tip (just pretty much classic Converse)

    Gender: Male

    Thank you so much (even if you don't make the skin),
    - RealMajora

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