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  • canday
    August 1, 2020, 4:34 pm to Public
    day two: vote forDragonsDungeon

    and a word from our favorite Buisnessman HatThing:
    Businessman HatThing here, speaking for the one and only Stream Server Party.

    With all this propaganda, it's tough to ignore the size of our team. With honourable members such as Admiral Fishkiss and Spokesman Auri, can you guess what holds the team together? That's right: Money.

    I know what you're thinking: such a concept is ridiculous, how could you possibly gain enough money to keep the campaign moving forward? Let alone do it on a Minecraft website? Your team's bound to fail!

    Were it so easy,

    After months of investing and strategic preparation, we're delighted to confirm that we're going to be economically secure for the site's upcoming future. With assistance from the party, the SSP has finalized a strategy that could support enough stocks to sustain the site's condition. How, you might ask? With the power of Ronald McDonald and music of course! From this day onwards, we'll continue to entertain our community with delicious meals and tuneful music from the best of the best: Baldski.

    Weapons loaded, crabs clicking, we're not just bringing change, oh no, we're bringing much more than that!

    Glory to the SSP, businessman HatThing out.

    and another word from our Economic Specialist Bureine:
    "With our economy, you will never have to suffer through another eco round in cs:go ever again!"

    glory to the stream server party <3
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    Nitgo said 2020-08-01 17:34:53
    I won't vote for a dragon, or we'll end up like Lord of the rings... penniless.
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