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Nation of Amelia
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  • Minecraft Weekly Builds P2 - Mass Relay
    Continuing the MWB Series after a long time hiatus. This time we have a Mass Relay for cosmetic purposes. Download on PlanetMinecraft: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/mass-relay-4132168/ Resou...

    posted 05/21/2018 10:06 am

  • Obliterate Everything 3 - Level 4
    Yeah, here is Level 4 in Obliterate Everything 3. I absolutely have nothing or not in schedule to record though, if you have early access version of any game, send it to me, I will get myself again. P...

    posted 05/19/2018 6:09 am

  • The King of Towers - Desolate (Heroic)
    The fourth level of Virtual Illusion in The King of Towers, on Heroic. I'm running out of playthrough choices now. Music: WOW OST - Ironforge

    posted 05/17/2018 5:16 am

  • Aground S4 - Beta Epilogue (4/?)
    The almost-final video of Beta Epilogue in Aground Series. After that, I will consider whether to buy the early access version, or not. Shown you the Black Market deal and talking with the Mechanic in...

    posted 05/15/2018 8:09 am

  • Minecraft - PROJECT Ressurection Part A24
    The twenty forth part of PROJECT Ressurection Minecraft Series. Now the map has reached version 1.4, two months later before the Update Aquatic. Definitely doesn't have much to add, but we can expect ...

    posted 05/13/2018 10:46 am

  • Aground S4 - Beta Epilogue (3/?)
    Well, this video is supposed to be released yesterday, but I was too busy checking the new contents of Warcraft 3 patch 1.29.2. Including a new update (1.24a), fighting the Old One boss, exploring the...

    posted 05/08/2018 7:53 am

  • Warcraft III - Vampire Kingdom (Chapter 3 - Power Hungry)
    The fun starts in the next chapter, Technical Difficulties. I may have uploaded too many chapters of the same custom campaign, so from next week: - Monday: P3 of Aground - Tuesday - Thursday: Well I'...

    posted 05/05/2018 5:08 am

  • Warcraft III - Vampire Kingdom (Chapter 2 - Something Gained)
    Chapter 2 for Vampire Kingdom custom campaign. Shorter than the previous one due to the straight-forward nature and the usefulness of Slide. Still have nothing interesting though, many unnecessary spa...

    posted 05/04/2018 7:22 am

  • Warcraft III - Vampire Kingdom (Chapter 1 - Strangers in a Strange Land)
    And so the adventure in Vampire Kingdom begins. Simple fights, nothing challenging. Too few dialogues and music, no permanent items. Just the story. Download on Hiveworkshop: https://www.hiveworkshop....

    posted 05/02/2018 8:28 am

  • Warcraft III - Vampire Kingdom (Prologue - The Departure)
    While other great custom campaigns are either in development or not compatible with my current patch, I'll decide to go back to the past with a custom campaign: Vampire Kingdom by Vampiral. The dialog...

    posted 05/02/2018 6:51 am



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