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    About 'Em

    Hiya, PMC members! The person on the left is Clark Brown, and he's a normal person, you think... unless if I told you he lives in the Overworld! He has medium blonde hair, bright skin, and wears the Green Creeper hoodie most of the time! He's serious, nice, and has a bad mood if you call him names, describe his body, and things like that.

    Next, the creeper on the left is Connor Creeper. He's passive, he's into the black(not SO black), has a glowy green face, and blows up when you bully him 2 times! He's always joyful, sometimes lazy, and would sometimes cuddle nearby objects if he's petrified!

    Hey, by the way, check our Twitter for help! If you tweet us something, tagging us, then we'll respond to it if it's helpful!

    Anyways, I'll see ya on the boom-boom side! If you have skin ideas, type 'em in the guest book and, POW! I'll respond to it!

    See ya!
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