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    Hi, I'm Taz. Most of you may not know me so this is just a short introduction as to who I am and what I enjoy. I've also gone by the names of twig, tahme or tame, and pine or yungpine. I currently and will proceed to for a long time to go by cheeto or cheetohs, whichever you prefer. The truth is I couldn't think of anything incredibly cool or quirky so I stuck to something I enjoy eating (because I'm fat and eating is my hobby).

    I've been playing minecraft for a few years now, around 7-8. In my early years I was a factions player, I'd say I became a pro at a point, potion making and pvp, at like 10fps was difficult but it was possible for me, at the time. Then, as i started to grow I wasn't so alone and began to play a lot of minigames with my friends. Hypixel was my place, loved it for a long time. Before long, I began building, with the conquest texture pack being one of my first sources to play from. I'd watch a lot of jamziboy, dukonred1, and lorddakr to pass the time and gain a better understanding. Now I guess building is the only thing I'm actually good at, I do play on hypixel from time to time as well as, in survival playing towny just to pass the time, but building is my main thing.

    I love manga. I've really gotten into it in the last month and I just love the way the art looks. its incredible, I've been reading Vagabond, and if you have not read it. Its a must read, you just have to. its so good, the art style is all over my pmc page. I'm so obsessed with the way it looks and just how incredible the storyline is. I've always had a thing for japan, the language, the architecture, the culture. Its always fascinated me to the point I want to live there one day. That'd be a dream.

    Anyway, to close this off. If you read the whole thing. Thank you, i appreciate you taking your time to get to know me. If you want to get to know me more, I'm always on discord so you can message me and we can talk. I'm pretty good with advice, so if you need help or advice with building, even life in general I'm always up to the task.

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    Initial D Replica Build Plot
    Small Japanese Town Plot
    Arabian/ Egyptian Style plot
    A Pine Island
    Fantasy Oriental Plot
    Exploration of the Hobbit Style
    A Cottage on a Fish Island
    Pumpkin Head Bob's Island
    Semi-Modern Japanese House Set By YungCheeto
    Medieval House Set
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    Orochimaru (大蛇丸)
    Jiraiya (自来也)
    Tsunade (綱手)
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