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    Hello, everyone!

    Short Version About Myself (Facts):
    • My real name (English): Same as username but with spaces
    • My real name (Chinese): 林家仰
    • Age: 22
    • Nationality: Half Chinese, half Puerto-Rican
    • Birthplace and native country: Taichung, Taiwan
    • College/ University and Year: Super Senior (5th year) at Montclair State University, NJ, USA
    • Current Major/ Field of Study: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Fine Arts with a concentration in painting

    Long Version About Myself (3-paragraph stories - Warning: very long):

    About Myself (click to reveal)
    I am Chiayang, and nice to meet all you guys (and the ones who play Minecraft). You could go by my username, which is basically my ethnic full name without spaces. You may have noticed that I am obviously older than the "average age" for a gamer who plays Minecraft. Well, in respect to who I am right now in life, I through out the years transitioned from the general every-day and after school gamer who plays lots of different games to mostly concentrating on one game: Minecraft. But, I really do NOT use Minecraft as a video game, instead its a creative platform that I use to build CYL City, which I will talk about in the NEXT SECTION. At 20 years old now in 2016 (who mainly uses Minecraft to build houses and buildings as a hobby turned into passion), my life is different than quite a lot of you. As of now in Spring 2016, I have completed two years of college at Montclair State University in New Jersey and near New York City, being a Fine Arts Studio BA Major. Aside from that, I am half-Chinese and half Puerto-Rican, Taurus, and came from Taiwan, and grew up most of my years of life here in the United States. Because of how old I am now in 2016, life can get quite tough and stressful enough, especially at the college student stage of life. Unlike some to most people who play Minecraft, even if I love building houses in Minecraft, I still have to cut it from my routine during any semester, and use winter and summer breaks for Minecraft work instead. In addition, I am glad that I am balancing academic life and fitness life during college; helps me with college stress. In my perspective, I think the combination of Minecraft life building houses and a city AND the fact I like working out and lifting weights at the gym is quite a unique combination, even as a passionate city builder. Me, the creator, builder or architect of CYL City, the CYL part is my initials and that is why I gave this virtual city or town this name. I can even relate my passion of building CYL City in Minecraft to what I am studying at Montclair (Fine Arts Studio BA) AND my possible future dream career as an architect, BUT I will talk more about this in the THIRD and LAST SECTION. Finally, to make it absolutely clear to you, that since now my life had progressed into an adult life, it is full of responsibilities (Think: College, workforce, jobs, bills, etc.), currently I am still in college at Montclair State University as of 2016, that any time that is NOT a college semester, I could work on CYL City without stressing about school responsibilities. Life can get really crazy sometimes.

    About CYL City (click to reveal)
    This virtual town, called CYL City, was started all by myself around October 2012, when I first heard of and learned about Minecraft, from a Group Gaming Night session, when I went to a computer camp called iD Tech Camps (#1 in America) down in Princeton, New Jersey. There, on Group Gaming Night sessions, I learned the basic controls and how to build stuff (that was back in 2012), by now, whatever year it is; I should consider myself to be a highly skilled, adept and talented builder. Minecraft is just one way that I express creativity. The time that the development of CYL City started, which was way back in October of 2012, to today (if you do the math); I would say at least 3 ½ consecutive years of work (except for my previous two semesters) means dedication to a certain, personal project. Honestly speaking, when I started building CYL City in October 2012, I was quite a casual and rather crappy builder. When I first learned of Minecraft from my camp mates, I liked the sensation fairly quickly, or within a week of being introduced to it. Back in 2012, it was like just playing Minecraft in general, now I am quite a serious and dedicated builder; I just am inclined to build by now as the decision and action to place blocks have became almost natural for me as an instinct. What seems challenging and possibly daunting as a long-term goal is the development and future completion (read: It is only about 3% percent done!) of CYL City is that I build ALONE and apparently cannot join Minecraft servers for some odd reasons. I probably spend 99 percent of my time in Minecraft in single player building and contributing to the growth of CYL City. Whereas, on the other hand, I have seen plenty of Minecraft servers online and especially here on the PlanetMinecraft website, as the Minecraft servers as city-building servers that contribute the growth of their own cities as well, as teamwork of at least two or more players. Greenfield City is a well-known example of this with a 16 player capacity. The mostly likely reason for me going single player in Minecraft 99.9 percent of the time can be explained by my life circumstances and my current standpoint in life in 2016. Some to most Minecraft players are around high school age or below (I am guessing this as this is my opinion), and now me as a college student studying at Montclair State University, with my routine or schedule, you never know when something could come up, in terms of adult responsibilities. Life seems somewhat more erratic and eccentric in time, schedules, and when events pop up. Time is slowly going from routine to exciting (and perhaps a little stressful for me). I kind of like the challenge of building CYL City all by myself and keeping that up. Yes, it can be daunting and challenging to maintain such a huge project about a Minecraft city or any significant Minecraft creation, with all these responsibilities around. Additionally, a even bigger challenge, considering that it is only about 5% percent done, is to make CYL City into a plethora of multiple residential, commercial, and industrial districts grouped by five large counties and build the city to make it inspired by a combination of New York City and my hometown country of Taiwan, in terms of the architectural styles of both places. I know this WILL take years and years as the growth of CYL City progress and as long as I contribute to it, but let's focus on what we have now INSTEAD of what we DON'T have.

    I think I might have made the mistake of revealing too much about my creative goals, because it is a fact that if you tell or share your goals with anyone, you are less likely to succeed. It's true. Did you know that? And also having sky-high expectations may mean you may get nowhere with them, because high expectations leads to disappointments, so its best to keep expectations to a realistic, attainable and achievable level. This fact, in addition, quite surprises me today but also makes sense, is that to meet long-term goals is to think of the future in days, NOT years. Therefore, now lets only focus on what we have in CYL City at this moment. As said earlier, the time-frame as architect of CYL City who contributes to growth of the town started in October 2012 and have lasted at least 3 ½ consecutive years (excluding my previous two semesters) transitioned from as me who used to be a crappy, average and mediocre builder in Minecraft to a man who is a passionate city builder today in 2016. There are some special ways or methods I have used when building CYL City, such as making some of my buildings more realistic by using Google Earth and reference images off the Internet, and building these buildings and structures in Minecraft in a way that they are inspired by real life buildings down my block in my neighbor hood. That is one way to build realistically in Minecraft. The second way is how, in terms of methods in the world of Minecraft city-building, is that I tend to furnish and make interiors for EVERY SINGLE building I create in Minecraft and use Minecraft blocks efficiently. Many buildings, houses, transportation vehicles, street props, and other small details all goes down to block efficiency and realism borrowed from what I have seen in real life in person. I am one of the few Minecraft builders who kind of takes detail to an extreme and go nuts with details when building in Minecraft. Almost four years have passed since October 2012, as of today in 2016, and now I have a good chunk of work developed as contributor to the growth of CYL City taking up plenty of land space and number of buildings. Although, in my perspective, it is quite a little small and modest in size, and there is ALWAYS room for improvement, when you build anything in Minecraft. Hell, I do NOT even know when I will finish building CYL City at some point in my life AND literally how many thousand buildings I will build, given enough time. It is this insane. I could say that this dedicated undertaking of building CYL City, is not just an ordinary Minecraft project, but also quite a mega-project of its kind, could be also a lifetime project! But, I definitely am having fun working on CYL City as passion today in 2016, which used to be a hobby, getting paid a little bit of money from AdFly after reaching Level 20 in the PlanetMinecraft website, and I could also relate my passion of building CYL City in Minecraft with my Bachelors of Fine Arts Studio major as what I am studying now at Montclair State University AND when I dream to be an architect someday as a dream career!

    About Past, Present and Future of my life (click to reveal)
    Circumstances have turned out during my years of schooling at Montclair State University, that the Fine Arts Studio Major was NOT the field of study I have chosen in the first place. Almost three-quarters of incoming college freshen change their major at least once before they graduate. We all as people in general, have to go through trial-and-error and experimentation to see what we like and hate, and what we succeed at and what we fail at. In my perspective, I used to be a Computer Science major, and the Computer Science and Information Technology program was the first I went into during freshman year of college. Well, during senior year of high school, I attempted programming or writing code for the first time, and it went relatively well for me, as trying something new in life. Then, by the time I have reached by second college semester, things got ugly. The old me was that I originally thought I could dream of writing iPhone apps and developing video games, when I had only a couple years of academic programming experience. The outcome was that I miserably tanked my first Java programming class in college, then painlessly changed my major to Fine Arts in my fourth semester. The secret to success in life, is to dream big, but start SMALL AND have expectations and goals that are REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE. I was NOT so a smart and wide person thinking this back then, but now I am glad I can see where I am going in life now into the future. I am one of the very few college students (and people) of my age of 20, and actually know what they want to do with life after college. Having my life in the next 20 years or so relatively planned out, as said before, now in 2016 is when I found the right major or field of study as a Fine Arts Studio major for me. I plan to later at some point in college change my major again to BFA Industrial Design, which requires a portfolio with an interview, as now being a Fine Arts Major student. Then, after I graduate Montclair State, predicted in 2019, then pursue ANOTHER separate bachelor's degree in Architecture for another handful of years, then according to my research for the sake of it, complete my second degree in Architecture (I think in 2025, but it could be different), then take the New Jersey state entrance exam in order to be registered as a licensed architect, or something like that. The only obvious downside that I know of is that the longer I stay in college might mean higher tuition costs and more debt. Well, I've got quite of a life plan in check now, as I can see where I am heading. It is probably going to be an extremely challenging, but rewarding lifestyle, but I shall tell myself to never give up!
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