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    Hello there! If you have stumbled across here then I'm in luck. I'm a magical seahorse!

    I make maps, and am also known as PiCookie.
    All the maps I make are part of a long series called The Sheep Factory, if you aren't interested in what I have, pls check out my subscribers, they're amazing! Below are stuff about plans I have for the future and stuff.

    Check out my brother's creation dead butter that can be seen in a game theory video:

    Oh, I'm open for collabs and interviews! Although I doubt anyone would want to interview me.

    If anyone is wondering why I make so many new things, there will be no new projects other than those already posted. The not so magical guide to everything will continue in volume 2, with a plot of sorts. My poetry collection will be updated every time I write a new poem. All my stories will be updated when a new piece is written, Sheep Factory will most likely be delayed by several months, and Chef Fred will be a monthly thing, unless an episode releases in that month, in which case I don't do one.

    I will not be posting anything for a long time. If you are wondering why read the latest addition to my guide.

    And below are a bunch of spoilers for pretty much anything related to me.
    Sheep Factory Map Series
    Sheep Factory Part 1
    ✘Creeper King v.1.0✘ (Cancelled due to MC Updates)
    Mark Trilogy (Mr,Eglaun's Castle, Squid Aquarium and Mark's Fortress)
    Military Drop
    ✘Sheep Factory Part 2 Ensuing Insanity (In production)
    ✘The Realistic Run (Tests out certain things)
    ✘The Creeper King 2.0 (Will be continually updated)
    ✘Light Speed (Map About Relativity and Science)
    ✘Sheep Factory Part 3 ??? (Being planned)
    ✘The Furry Beast Of Ancient Baloney (It's all about destruction)
    ✘Sheep Factory Part 4 ??? (Being thought about)
    ✘War Of The Squids (A strategic style map)
    ✘Sheep Factory Part 5 End In Sight (Boss battles ftw!)

    After all these maps are done, I will stop making maps forever. Creeper King 2.0 may get updates, but other than that I'll permanently stop. I will do maps for milestones during the period but afterward will resort to blogs.

    People Who Played My Maps
    I'm surprised anyone has played any of my maps. I came a bit too early to publish maps on minecraft, so the famous youtubers never saw any of my creations. :( Nonetheless these awesome guys did play them: (Watch them pls)

    Sheep Factory 1 Series:
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Military Drop Series:
    'Broken' Version
    Fixed Version Part 1

    Fixed Version Part 2

    Sheep Factory 1 Series:
    Part 1
    Part 2

    Sheep Factory 1 Series:
    Original Version
    Revised Version Part 1
    Revised Version Part 2
    Revised Version Part 3
    Revised Version Part 4

    Squid Aquarium

    If you do decide to play any of my maps, please tell me. It took me a while to find these, and it's really painful having to flip through all 56 pages of search. Also, I like watching people play my maps, I have no idea why. I try and keep this up to date, but it's hard even finding any, so I might miss several.

    There Is No Time (Short Story Series)
    If you have not read any of the stories in the series, I advise you to do so. I feel like that is the best series I've ever made. It's very short, cryptic and deals with time. My progress on the series is listed below.

    A Prison Of Time
    ✔An Escape Of Time
    ✔A Pursuit Of Time
    ✔A Change Of Time
    ✔A Traveller Of Time
    A Change Of Time
    ✔There Is No Time (Final Story)

    CHorse's Not So Magical Guide To Everything!!
    This series is my personal favorite of all the blog series. It's a place where I get to show off my intelligence as well as insight. Actually I pretty much google everything. Below are going to be listed ideas. If you have any, please put a comment in the blog. I'm in need of ideas.
    The Magica
    l Guide To Bacon!!
    The Magical Guide To Magic!!
    The Magical Guide To Pavlov's Dog!!
    The Magical Guide To The Pole In The Barn!!

    Volume 2 has been released, and it will be much better than volume 1 ever was.

    The Marshamals Book 1: Escape Of The Bon-Bons
    The Marshamals book series is something I've been working on for a while, ever since I began writing. Any story I ever write adds to this world. It had to be restarted several times, due to my unsatisfaction with how bland and dumb it kept turning out. It's part of a Quintology, a 5 book series series. Here are all the chapters planned for this book:

    Proposing the Thoughts of Frankenstein
    ✔Future Technology And Their Implication On Objects Of Choice
    ✔Strange Creatures And Their Habits
    ✔Journeys Begin
    ✔ Experimentation And Its Results And Connotative Meanings
    ✔Police And Their Usage Of Weaponry
    ✘ There Were Traitors Involved (Being Written)
    ✘ Climate, Bacteria, Landscape And Their Effect Upon Creatures
    ✘ Explosives And Their Application On Civilizations
    ✘ Rebellion Of A Right Kind
    ✘ History And Its Secrets
    ✘ Inter-Species Relations And Reliance On Plants
    ✘ The Web Becomes Apparent
    ✘ Marshmallows And Their Supreme Power
    ✘ The Development Of Technology And Its Short-Term Effects
    ✘ The Most Dangerous Part Of The Voyage
    ✘ True Intentions And Their Effects On Rational Beings
    ✘ Ships That Shipwreck And The Decrease of Population
    ✘ It's Bigger Than All Of Us
    ✘ The Meaning Of Life And Rational Beings Who Ponder It
    ✘ Penultimate Chapters And Their Contents
    ✘ The Puzzle Is Broken

    Other Things I'm Involved In
    I've done a bit more than just the above with other people. I've been a part of these two mods:
    Kaizo Mod
    Decus Mod

    I also suggested something on a forum post and this happened:
    Distortion Arrow Bomb

    Thanks for subbing if ya did, the future awaits!
    Oh, and have a free bagel!

    P.S. Apparently one person was eating a bagel whilst driving and that person crashed. So now that person got the intelligent idea of not driving anymore and to not eat any bagels in the car. I'm not joking.

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